Nuværende ph.d.-forløb

  • Frederik Mølgaard Nielsen, MD, januar 2021

  • Elena Crescioli, MD, maj 2021

  • Maria Brun Nielsen, MD, januar 2022
    Optimal oxygenation target in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease admitted to the intensive care unit with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure

  • Phillip Sperling, MD, juli 2022: 
    Pain After Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery


Afsluttede ph.d.-forløb


  • Thomas Lass Klitgaard, MD, 25. maj 2022:
    Targeted Oxygen Therapy in Adult Intensive Care Unit Patients


  • Munsoor Hanifa, MD, M.Sc., 22. sept. 2020:
    NMR-based metabolite biomarkers in kidney and lung disease: Investigating metabolite biomarkers in a rat chronic kidney disease model and in human lung injury


  • Olav Lilleholt Schjørring, MD, 27. juni 2019:
    Handling Oxygenation Targets in the Intensive Care Unit (HOT-ICU):
    Handling oxygenation targets in adults with acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure in the intensive care unit: A randomised clinical trial of a lower versus a higher oxygenation target


  • Signe Juul Riddersholm, MD, 23. maj 2018:
    ICU-admission, hospital length of stay and return to work in critically ill patients - Pre- and in-hospital factors


  • Sisse Anette Thomassen, MD, 16. maj 2017:
    Cerebral and muscle blood metab-olism at low blood flows during cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Anne Pernille Toft d. 30. januar 2017:
    COPD exacerbations – assisted ventilation, haemoglobin and prognosis


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    Predicting fluid responsiveness during spontaneous breathing after amplification of the intrathoracic pressure oscillations
  • Raluca Georgiana Malthesen, M.Sc., 29. september 2016:
    Postoperative lung injury - the path from initiation to clinical diagnosis
  • Karin Aagaard, sygeplejerske, 20. juni 2016
    Creating Meaningful Encounters in Anesthesia Nursing - Patient and Nurse Anesthetist Interaction before General Anesthesia
  • Kristian Hay Kragholm, MD, 11. marts 2016
    Long-term outcomes in out-of- hospital cardiac arrest survivors


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    Elderly patients, bacteremia and intensive care : risk and prognosis
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    Atrial fibrillation: risk and prognosis in critical illness