Thomas Jakobsen

Total hip replacement has been described as the operation of the century. It has the potential to restore function and life quality of patients with hip arthritis. More than 10.000 total hip replacement are performed in Denmark each year. Important focus for research is to find the right implant for the right patient and to ensure long time survival of all implants. 

My research career began in 2004 when I conducted a research year at the Orthopedic Research Laboratory, Aarhus University Hospital. The research year opened my eyes for the fascinating world of bone forming cells, implants surgery and methods used to improve quality of treatment for our patients. In 2008, I defended my PhD thesis and in 2019, I defended my doctoral thesis. Focus of both dissertations was to improve implant fixation and survival. 

As clinician, I help patients with hip arthritis and patients with the need for a revision arthroplasty. 

Current research areas are individualized treatment for hip arthritis, improving implant survival and preventing complications.