Orthopaedic Trauma Research

The Orthopaedic Trauma Research unit at Aalborg University Hospital is based on a Level I trauma center. The Orthopaedic Trauma Research team is specialised in emergency orthopaedic and post traumatic surgery and rehabilitation.

The Orthopaedic Trauma Research unit at Aalborg University is dedicated to understand and improve treatment of musculoskeletal injuries associated to traumatic orthopaedic injuries.

Our mission is to improve functional and patient-reported outcomes through original and innovative clinical research. The Orthopaedic Trauma Research unit is a multidisciplinary team with a history of successfully research collaborations including both surgical, medical and physiotherapy subspecialties, biomechanical and pain engineering, health economics, biological research and bio-statistics.

Current research areas:

  • Epidemiology of lower extremity fractures
  • Treatment of tibial shaft fractures
  • Treatment of tibial plateau fractures
  • Improve function and pain relief following fractures
  • Short and long-term outcome of lower extremity fractures
  • Basic science with the aim to validate methods to measure outcomes
  • Invention of new surgical techniques

Through high quality research we aim to improve quality of life and function in orthopaedic trauma patients. We believe that high quality in research is an essential part of maintaining high quality in the care and treatment of trauma patients.


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