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Peer reviewed.

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Andersen SL, Andersen S, Vestergaard P, Olsen J. Maternal Thyroid Function in Early Pregnancy and Child Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Danish Nationwide Case-Cohort Study. Thyroid. 2018 apr;28(4):537-546.

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Kristensen SR, Botha J, Handberg A. Blu-ray beyond music and movies—novel approach to diagnostics measuring specific extracellular vesicles.  Journal of Laboratory and Precision Medicine. 2018;3:1-5. 84.


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Andersen SL, Andersen S, Carlé A, Christensen PA, Handberg A, Karmisholt J o.a. Pregnancy week specific reference ranges for TSH and free T4 during early pregnancy in a cohort of 10,438 anti-TPO and anti-TG negative Danish pregnant women. European Thyroid Journal. 2018 jan 1;7(1):3-4. OP-02-07 .

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Andersen SL, Andersen S, Carlé A, Christensen PA, Handberg A, Karmisholt J o.a.. Reference interval for TSH og frit T4 i tidlig graviditet baseret på sera fra 10.495 anti-TPO og anti-Tg negative kvinder i Region Nordjylland. 2018. Abstract fra Dansk Endokrinologisk Selskab: Årsmøde , Odense, Danmark.