Kulinarium - Nutrition - Eat well and get well

Kulinarium is a research and development unit in nutrition, food and meals anchored in the kitchen department at Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark.


Kulinarium specializes in research aimed at patients who are suffering from malnutrition, in particular undernourished patients. Studies have shown that about 40 % of all patients are undernourished and their conditions are often exacerbated under hospital admissions.

The causes of malnutrition are many and complex and can be both disease and treatment related. The consequences for the patients involve multiple complications, longer hospital stays and more readmissions. Thus, malnutrition is a huge economic burden on society, and highly impacts the quality of life of the patients suffering from malnutrition. 

Kulinarium creates better hospital foods from multimodal approaches and innovative solutions based on patients’ individual needs and preferences of foods. Kulinarium is a 'one of a kind' experimental platform. It constitutes a base of research and development in nutrition, food and meals involving different kinds of patients. The research approach is multidisciplinary and include areas such as food technology, gastronomy, molecular gastronomy, sensory science, raw material quality, nutrition, physiology, pathology, sociology and architecture. Kulinarium also has a unique research team consisting of doctors, nutritional nurses, dieticians, food scientists, kitchen chefs and assistants and other health professionals.  Kulinarium aims at being the best experimental platform of nutrition, food and meals for patients both nationally and internationally.

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