Herman Kingma

I studied Biology and Physics at the University of Amsterdam and received my PhD in Biophysics at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Subsequently, I was registered as a clinical physicist specialised in the vestibular system specifically. In December 2021, I became professor at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head- and Neck Surgery, Audiology and Vestibulogy at Aalborg University Hospital. I still work as a scientist and emiritus professor at the ENT department of Maastricht University Medical.

My primary research focusses on improving diagnostics of vestibular disorders, improving fundamental and clinical knowledge about BPPV and the development of vestibular protheses. In 2012, together with the ENT department of the University hospital in Geneva, the Maastricht research team developed and sucessfully implanted the first vestibular implant in humans. In 2020, the Maastricht team introduced the first ambulatory prothesis in the word, the balance belt, using haptic stimulation to improve imbalance.

In Aalborg, together with Associate Professor Dan Dupont Hougaard, in depth research is done about diagnosis and treatment of BPPV and the effectiveness of the balance belt. Further research projects and international cooperations are under development and will soon be displayed here as well.