Ali Yalcinkaya

I graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey in July 2021, and since then I have been working on musculoskeletal system-related research projects at Aalborg University. I have always been passionate about reconstruction surgeries and the potential benefits that can arise from cooperation between engineering and medicine.

My passion for these topics brought me to Aalborg University, where I am currently working as a research assistant focused on the topics of reconstruction surgery and the utilization of thermography in knee pathologies.

The reconstruction project was conceived with a particular gap in knowledge in mind, which lowered the quality of all trials in the field. We are focused on developing better, more reliable, and easy-to-analyze outcomes for future clinical trials, thereby amending this long-standing gap in knowledge that is adversely affecting the evidence gained from research on lower-limb lengthening surgery. This project may also increase the quality of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and could have implications on clinical decision making within the foreseeable future. Additionally, another project I am working on is based on using thermographic measurements to assess the manifestations and long-term outcomes of knee pathologies.

The idea of being a physician-scientist one day has been a long-lasting dream for me, so I feel fortunate to be able to pursue my passion as a part of this highly-capable research group.