Arash Ghaffari

Physics, and especially dynamics, has long been one of my great interests. The study of forces and their effect on the movement of objects has always impressed me. The goal of most of orthopaedic surgeries is to improve movements, so this was one of the main reasons that I chose orthopaedic surgery as my career.

After graduating as an orthopaedic surgeon in Tehran, Iran, in 2013, I gained years of experience in clinical practice and orthopaedic surgeries. In 2020, I moved to Denmark and found this opportunity to spend my time researching on my favorite subjects at Orthopaedic Research Unit of Aalborg University Hospital and getting more experience in the field of research and improving my clinical research skills.

Currently we work on wearable sensors and by cooperation with highly specialized experts from Aalborg University, we aim to see, whether we can replace expensive and complicated traditional gait analysis methods, with highly convenient wearable sensors.

Our aim is to monitor patients’ gait and activities after orthopaedic surgeries by using data from wearable sensors, and to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to improve telemedicine and home-monitoring of the patients, to avoid unnecessary hospital referrals, to detect possible complications in a pre-clinical stage, and finally to improve the quality of post-operative care in orthopaedic patients.