Jonas Bruun Kjærsgaard

From a young age I have had a great interest in understanding how natural entities function. This first lead to key interests in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, which were later superseded by physiology, biochemestry, and patient-centeret medicine. As a recreation I have picked up on philosophy with ethics and epistemology as key interests and attempt to utilize this in my work as both a medical doctor and a researcher. My driving force is a pursuit to make substantial contributions to the academic field that influence more patients than I personally may through a lifelong service as a medical doctor. 

I have since my first scientific involvement conducted clinical resarch, since 2018 in the audiovestibular field, with my most notable contribution being publications and oral dissertations concerning vestibular scwhannomas and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

I am working as a part time researcher doing my specialist training to become an ENT specialist parallel with my Ph.D.-fellowship. 

In the study of my Ph.D., we are exploring the hearing results of cochlear implantation, and to which extend the vestibular system are influenced by the operation. Patients who candidate to a cochlear implantation will be invited to participate in the study, where we will examine the hearing and balance multiple times before and after their operation. The patients will be followed until two years after the implantation. The study will include fundamental research in audiovestibular diagnostics, which may have broader applications in the field. The study runs from March 2021 til February 2026.