Nuværende ph.d.-forløb

  • Line Bjerrehave Nielsen, MD - April 2022
    Lungefunktion, dødelighed og forbrug af sundhedsydelser hos patienter med KOL og alkoholoverforbrug 

  • Anna Lei Stoustrup, Fysioterapeut - Juni 2022
    Rehabilitation af home: COPD patients on bike to Paris 

  • Sebastian Tristan Ehlert Buchardt, MD - Dec. 2023
    Incidence of Comorbidities during life with COPD: Epidemiological mapping of timeline, clustering and gender differences (COCOPE)

  • Johanne Hermann Karlsen, MD - Januar 2024
    Risk factors and consequences of anxiety and depression in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)


Afsluttede ph.d.-projekter


Mia Solholt Godthaab Brath, MD - 23. febr. 2024
Computed tomography based body composition assessment Perspectives for patients with COPD


Peter Ascanius Jacobsen, MD - 18. marts 2022
COPD patients' vulnerability to detachment from the workforce and their employment status' association with mortality and treatable traits

Morten Hornemann Borg, MD, - 17. nov. 2022
Early Detection of Lung Cancer: Biomarkers and CT Scans