Ny artikel - Temporalities of Aged Care: Time Scarcity, Care Time and Well-Being in Danish Nursing Homes


Aged care staff in Danish nursing homes feel the pressures of time scarcity acutely. But what does this mean for the well-being of residents? Using the concept "care time" we consider subjective experiences of time to make sense of the multiplicity of temporal experiences in nursing home care. We will show how the temporal structures of a neoliberal institutional care logic is at odds with what residents expect from care time. Finally, drawing on a phenomenological understanding of well-being, we explore how residents' temporal orientation to the present and the past can be drawn on to enhance well-being.

Artiklen er publiceret i Medical Anthropology juli 2023 og forfattet af: Emma Elisabeth Scully Jelstrup Balkin, Bente Martinsen, Ingjerd Gåre Kymre, Mette Geil Kollerup & Mette Grønkjær.