Minimal early functional gains after operative treatment of midshaft clavicular fractures. A meta-analysis of 10 randomized controlled trials including 1333 patients

New publication in Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery International
Operative treatment of midshaft clavicular fractures does not improve clinical outcome after one year compared with non-operative treatment but may accelerate recovery.
The study is a meta-analysis of 10 RCTs (including our own) with a total of 1333 patients aiming to investigate whether surgical treatment results in faster functional recovery than non-operative treatment.
At all time-points (6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months) there was a better DASH score for the operatively treated patients. The difference was 9.4 after 6 weeks and decreased to 3.2 after 6 months. Although the difference in DASH is barely clinically relevant, some patients may benefit from surgical treatment. The results can facilitate a more individualized treatment in relation to the individual patient's wishes and needs.

Contact: Steen Lund Jensen