Two new papers published in JMIR Publications Human Factors

The papers cover the perspectives of post-discharge communication between patients and health care professionals and their experiences of using eDialogue – a team-based approach to asynchronous digital communication. 

First, patients’ perspectives:
Article 1

And then, health care professionals’ perspectives:
Article 2

At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at @Aalborg University Hospital, we have explored and tested eDialogue, which represents team-based digital communication between patients and health care professionals across sectors.

The papers highlight that current communication pathways after orthopedic surgery and discharge (primarily by phone) are experienced difficult by both patients and health care professionals. 

The use of eDialogue rearranged communication pathways and patients experienced a digitally enhanced coherence and proximity in the aftercare. 84% of patients used the solution in a two-month study period. Health care professionals also perceived the use of eDialogue as a quick and easy way for timely interdisciplinary interaction with patients and other health care professionals across settings; however, concerns were raised about increased use of resources.

Contact: Lili Worre